Automated messages at certain times of day

In order to keep employees aware of what's coming up and what's overdue, we have built automations based on start and end time of tasks. When a task they're assigned to is starting, they get a notification, and when it's overdue, they get another. However, it seems like these notifications only go out at the very start of a day (aka midnight) and since there can be many at the end of week, that means people are getting a dozen inbox notifications at midnight on a Friday for example. What we're requesting is an ability to time automated messages for certain times of day, and ideally only to be sent on working days since we've set that for the entire team.

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Hi Nik Amar, welcome to the Community 👋

Thanks a lot for supporting this idea! I'm passing your feedback to our Product team. It will also receive a Product status once it reaches the 60 votes' threshold. Here's more detail on that, but please let me know if you have any questions! 
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