Actual (non-generic) Status of Task

Hello - A status of In Progress doesn't tell us much about the actual status of a task and we would not be able to create workflow status' that reflect the actual status.  It would be most helpful if we could use the Last Comment (or something like it), as the actual status of a task, then display that last comment/actual status in a report.

e.g. Task is "Conduct analysis of geographic areas impacted by....."  In Progress does tell me how things are going.  Instead an actual status of "so far I have found that Georgia and Alabama are...but I am wondering if I should analyze this way instead...".   In other words it captures detail that a generic word does not. 

As I mentioned, we could just use the last comment for a task for this but it is not as useful if we cannot roll up into a simple report:

Task; priority, assignee, generic priority, start date, end date, LOE, actual status.



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Hi Sonia Wagner, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on Workflows and Statuses, I've passed on your feedback to our team👍🏼  If you'd like to find out more, this article explains what happens after we receive Product feedback.

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