Having Billable & Non Billable hours against a task


We use Wrike to log our Budget (Time & Cost), Planned effort per task and actual time spent. On our Billable tasks we would like to have the ability to log Billable & Non Billable hours against it. This is because we may have a set price with the customer, or there is an issue our end that caused us to spend more time on the task that can't be recharged back.

Currently we're told that this is not possible and to either have a separate subtask or custom field  & to raise a post to see if there are any others that have this issue or if it would be useful/up-voted as nothing is in the current pipeline that would help us.


Does anyone else think it would be useful to be able to log billable & non billable hours against the same task?



We have a work around of our own Chargeable Hours field but this means users going to two separate places to log their hours.

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Hi Greg Gibbs, thank you for taking the time to share your use case and your feedback here. I've passed on your feedback to our team👍🏼  

If you'd like to find out more, this article explains what happens after we receive Product feedback.

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