Hello. There is one major problem I keep having with Wrike and it's that when I am uploading large files for review, I get going on something else and forget, and inevitably don't go back to the task to hit "enter". Sometimes I'm waiting for days for a response before I go back to the task and realize I never sent the message. Slack has a sidebar option for "drafts" which sort of saves this type of thing as a reminder to go back and finish it or send it. Does Wrike have a feature like this, and if not, can it be added? Thank you.

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Hi Melanie Crandell, welcome to the Community, and thanks for posting!

We don't have a "drafts" section at the moment, but I can definitely see how that can be helpful. I've passed on your feedback to our Product team. Here's an article that explains what happens with Product Feedback that we receive here on the Community.

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