Creating Projects from Blueprints and Losing Task Statuses

I just recently discovered and have been experimenting with using Blueprints. My company has multiple departments that need to review and edit each project before it is ready for the rest of the company to use. It seemed like Blueprints were the perfect feature for this. 

We used Blueprints as a preparation area and updated our task statuses to show which tasks were complete, make notes, etc. I am now ready to move the project to the main folder so the rest of the company can access. When I "create a new project" from the blueprint, the task statuses disappear (the tasks that were marked as "complete" are now showing as "new").

Is there a way to update the project in Blueprints and then keep the statuses the same when I use the Blueprint to create a project? 

By creating projects this way, am I losing any of the other edits made to the Project when it was in Blueprints? 

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Hi Stephanie,

I've been using the Blueprints feature pretty extensively for the past couple of weeks and am loving it, but I don't believe that it has the flexibility to set and keep statuses when you use the Blueprint to create a new task.

In fact, I just tested the "Duplicate" action on a task with subtasks at various statuses, and that reset the statuses on each one to "New" as well. So it seems to be a common behavior throughout the platform.

However, if I'm understanding your post correctly you may not need to use the Blueprints feature at all. When you prepare a task in Blueprints, do you need to use an exact copy of that prepared task multiple times? Or are you adding notes and statuses specific to one instance of that task?

If the statuses are case-specific and different every time you prepare the task, then you may want to create a private folder in your "Personal" workspace just for preparing those tasks. That way nobody else in the company would have access to it before you're ready to share it. (see my screenshot below)

Once you're ready to share it, you can easily move the task into the shared company folder by click-and-dragging it from the List View to the appropriate folder in the Navigation bar. That way, all your statuses and notes will remain intact because it's the exact same task, just moved somewhere else.

The Blueprints feature is more useful for making exact copies of a "blank" version of task to start from scratch. For example, we use a blueprint every time we need to onboard a new employee following the exact same steps every time.

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