Project Scoping Document as a Wrike Form

I am curious if any other organization is using a Wrike form for the submission, routing, and approval of project scoping documents.

We have created a form with automated workflows by which project anagers create and submit project scoping documents that are the first step in creating new projects in our organization.  The scoping document is fairly standard in that it defines the problem, project goals, deliverables, how outcomes will be measured, projected budgets and annualized maintenance/operations costs (if applicable) for the first three years after the project is completed, identifies the departments and individuals comprising the project team, etc.  Once submitted by the project manager, the form routes to the project owner, myself, and then our City Administrator for approval.

By running this process using a Wrike form, it allows us to keep the full project management process in Wrike, which is important as we push adoption fo Wrike through the organization.  It also helps us track projects from their earliest stage through completion while improving collaboration and internal communication.

There are, however, a couple of issues that we have run into.  The first seems well-known to the Wrike Community, the inability to save forms while in draft (i.e. before submittal).  The second is that, in a case in which a scoping document is returned to the project manager for edit or refinement, it does not appear that the existing form contents can be modified.  Thus, a project manager would need to complete a second form.

Looking for ideas and suggestions.

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Hello James Drinkard,

you say "it does not appear that the existing form contents can be modified."

Could you give an example of what should be modified later? I don't really understand this issue.


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James Drinkard It would also be great to see an example. I'm not aware of submitted forms being uneditable (especially if you map the form fields to description, they should have no problem editing their responses in the created task/project description). Is your form submitter typically a Wrike user/collaborator too? Because then I could see the issue if you need them to be able to update their own responses after submission. 

My team uses an external-facing form for content campaign ideas, so the submitted form creates a task with specific workflow that helps us discuss, approve, and assign those that will build the project. However, once the project has been assigned, we do use a separate internal form to clone one of our project templates (and we tag the original form task to this new project). It's not perfect, but each form serves a very different purpose - they allow us to gather information first and then duplicate the necessary tasks to complete the campaign.

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James Drinkard - We have a request form to capture project scope and templatize (deploy from blueprints) some reminder tasks for adding in team members/assigning work to individuals across departments. The eventual goal of the request form is to replace the Project Proposal document that we currently write out in Word and just attach to the project. 


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