Approval Process AND My-to-Do workspace

Please stop making updates to this. Go back to how it use to be. Every time you update something you make it 10x worse than it was. 

The things you made worse:

  • Taking things out of review after people approve it. We have different levels of approving, after certain people approve it we add more people in. When you take it out of review, they all need to then approve it again. ITS RIDICULOUS. I HATE THIS NEW WAY! It is so annoying to have someone sign something multiple times because of your updates. 
  • If I put something on hold and take it out of review, when I put it back in review everyone has to sign again because you loose all the approvals. GO BACK TO HOW IT WAS. 

Things that need to be updated:

  • Being able to delete versions when we accidentally put the wrong one up.
  • In the My-to-do workspace I should have filter options including being able to search the projects I still have to sign vs the ones I already signed. As well as being able to search who is remaining to sign projects instead of having to click into each one, which is hard when you have over 100 projects. 


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Hi Stephanie Cangro, sorry for the late reply here!

There's a setting that allows you to configure approvals:

Sorry for the confusion!

Deleting versions of files is now available too 🙂

Filtering by Approvals in My to-do is on the team's radar now, so thank you for flagging this.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else! 

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