Team Feedback Survey?

Hi All, 

We're one year into our Wrike partnership and I believe things are going well. In an effort to improve workflow and continue our user retention efforts, we'd like to send out an internal survey to seek feedback.   

Has anyone used an internal survey like this? I'm looking for survey question ideas. 

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There are plenty of survey tools out there & I haven't used many to make recommendations, but maybe a native Wrike solution would be fun to try if you have a plan that includes the form functionality & custom fields.

I think you could use a custom form (enable public link & uncheck collection of name & email for anonymous responses). Create a private project where form submissions would go in as tasks. In that project folder, create custom fields for dropdown, checkbox & other simple questions. In the form setup, map questions to those fields.

The neat bonus of using this approach vs a third-party survey would be that you could create a report of the results within Wrike & optionally make that visible to your users. Depending on how transparent you want the feedback process to be, you could make the responses public too & maybe use the same project folder to discuss and/or collaborate on any goals that you identify from the survey results. 


Thanks for the idea — i think I might try to create this for my own team. If I do, I'll share as an example!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

The platform of the survey isn't an issue, I was more interested in hearing from others who may have sent around a "How do you like Wrike thus far and what can we improve?" survey to the team.  Looking for ideas on survey questions. 

I think we'll keep it fairly basic and seek general feedback on likes, dislikes and what team members can do to improve the Wrike experience.  



Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice


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