๐Ÿ†• Releases - Sorting, request forms, and new emojis (7/27/20)

Feature Updates

  • Workload Chart Update

Custom Capacity Allocation is now out of Labs and officially a part of Workload charts. Now, you can change the daily limit for team members on the chart if their working days are longer or shorter than 8 hours.

  • Desktop App v.3.3.3

We've now added the ability to attach and open files from Google Drive and Dropbox in the Desktop App. It's also now possible to close the current tab using the ะกmd/Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut.

  • Sorting in My To-Do in Adobe Creative Cloud

You can now sort tasks in the "My to-do" tab of the Adobe extension. These sorting options are exactly the same as the options in the workspace.

  • Updated Emojis

We've given our emojis an updated look! Try them out in your workspace.

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  • Dates Mapping In Request Forms

In request forms with questions mapped to the task start date on the first page, and to the due date on the second page, mapping these dates didn't work when you skipped the second page. The start date would go straight to the task description instead. This is now fixed!

  • Wrike for Outlook Comments

Sometimes, when you added emails as comments to tasks through the Outlook add-in, the text in Wrike was displayed on top of other text, making it unreadable. Fixed!


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