๐ŸŒŸReleases - Document editors, settings, and a whole new experience (06/22/20)

Feature Updates

New Wrike Experience Labs release

When you visitย Labs, you will see two options related to this: New Experience and Configurable views.

  • The New Experience adds the new 'My Home' page to your workspace, providing easy, and highly customizable access to your Spaces, applications, and more. Once enabled in Labs, the New Experience will be available in your individual account.ย 
  • Configurable views allow you to save view settings for every project or folder using filters, sorting, and columns so all members of your team see the same thing. Only the saved views will be shown in the project/folder header.ย This feature needs to be enabled for the entire account by your account admin or owner.

Check out our Community announcement on this for more detail and please let us know what you think!

Document Editor Updates

If you haven't updated your Document Editor, we'll now share a reminder when there's a new version available, so you're always up to date.

Duplicating Folders/Projects

We've given our duplication window for folder and projects a new look and feel. Here's what you'll see:

Settings in Profile Picture Menu

You can now find both Account Management and Profile Settings under the same option in the profile picture menu, under the header "Settings".


Tasks in One Email Chain

Some tasks that had the same name but were located in different folders would get merged into the same email notification chain in Gmail. This has now been fixed!


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