Hiding Empty Custom Fields in List View

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I've had a brief look around and I currently can't find a similar request to this (though feel free to correct me)!

Summary / TLDR (too long didn't read)

Task view needs improvement for use in larger, complex folder structures (most custom fields will be empty and are therefore irrelevant at base level) or use dynamic request forms at all. Consequently I strongly suggest the ability to HIDE EMPTY CUSTOM FIELDS IN TASK VIEW, please let me (and Wrike) know if you think this would be beneficial by giving this a like! I personally I believe it would be a considerable boost to productivity and make convincing people to adopt Wrike's request forms a lot easier! Thanks for reading - George

Now for some more details....


Issue / User Case

Being a small department inside of a large organisation means that generally you're asked to keep all of your folders inside of a master folder (or space). Then your customers (internal to your organisation) want a logical and easy to use folder structure so that they can find what they need inside your department's space. This is my experience of being an admin and I'm sure others have experiences like it.

This has resulted in some folders having 70+ custom fields when only 20-30 are relevant to the tasks in that custom field. This is fine for the table view as the handy filtering of custom fields allowed you to trim the fat (the preserved hiding of custom fields update was much appreciated by the way, thanks Wrike! ^_^) but users generally use the task view, especially as this is the only method to see comments and task descriptions. Which means they have to look through all 70 custom fields (most of which would be empty) to identify the ones relevant to them. This is inefficient, tiresome and to put it simply I get a lot of complaints about it. This leads less people to wanting to adopt Wrike (as I'm currently trying to replace older systems with Wrike and it's request forms).



I believe this is relevant to anyone who uses request forms in a very complex folder structure. Where less than half the custom fields in your folder are used for that request form (or if you have several pages for a request form which all ask different questions such as with dynamic request forms). It would considerably increase the efficiency of reading a request (as collaborates usually look at a single task at a time and won't be editing custom fields anyway they don't usually need to see the empty ones).


Current Workaround

Wasting time looking through all custom fields (which aren't always in the best order) for information relevant to your current task. Takes a while, sometimes you miss things and is generally inefficient for all users.


Suggested Solution

My suggested solution is that the hide / show custom fields toggle button is changed to have three stages

  1. Hide all custom fields
  2. Show not blank custom fields
  3. Show all custom fields


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope this hasn't been requested already and I've wasted my time in typing it up.

Hope you have a great day



p.s. here's some similar but quite different in my opinion articles I found...

A similar requests (How To) I've found is :


However the solution provided is largely irrelevant as, sometimes - being a part of a larger organisation - you have little control over where you can put your folders.


Other less similar requests I've found are :


- Solved with field hiding in table view as far as I can tell.


- Seems to be a similar request as "Custom-Fields-Hide-or-Show-on-Project-Level" solved similarly as far as I can tell. Though this does seem the closest to my request as I've found. The work around solution provided by Wrike was the "sharing Custom Fields" (link below) feature which is useful but again not for folder which have dynamic request forms mapped to them.


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Hi George Fiveash, apologies for the delay in response here.

The Product team are interested in this suggestion, but there are currently no plans to add this to the short-term roadmap. If anything changes, I'll be sure to let you know.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Howdy @...,

Thanks for getting back to me, sorry I took a few days to reply.

I'm glad you agree it would be a productivity boost, thanks for keeping me up to date :)

Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather (assuming you're based in Ireland)


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Thank you, George Fiveash! Hope you have a great weekend too 😊


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