Restrict editing on a request form after submission

Our company is wanting to use Wrike Request Forms both internally and externally for a specific form. If a current Wrike User on our account submits the form from the list of Request Forms, they are redirected to the task/project after it has been submitted. I would like for our internal team (wrike users) to receive an email after submission like our external guests do instead of being redirected to the task/project. The problem we have with them being able to go to the task/project is that they can then edit the description, add due dates, add owners, etc. How can I restrict this or have them get an email instead? I have thought about changing the visibility of the form to "no one in account" but then I would have to store the external link somewhere else besides the list of current Request Forms for our account. Any ideas or workarounds? If not, I would love to see an implementation for this. 

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Hi Krista Flink

Our workaround is to restrict the access role permissions to the folder/project where the request form tasks are created. O For example, in your case, it sounds like you want most users to have "Limited" access. Only the users that are assigned these tasks would be given "Full" or "Editor" access roles to the project. Perhaps you're aware of the access role permissions, but here's the table that breaks them down:

Perhaps that helps!

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The folder the task is currently added to after submission is only shared with 4 people. Somehow after the author (who doesn't have access to the folder) submits their form, they can add a due date and add task owners. I don't know how they are able to do this if they don't have access to the parent folder. 

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Hi Krista Flink!

When a user submits an internal request form, they are redirected to the task that is created due to the responses in the request form. A workaround for this would be to use an external request forms for these kind of tasks, and to circulate this link to the users that need them. 

If this wouldn't suit, I can move this thread into the Product Feedback section! This would act as a suggestion for a possible future feature in Wrike, and the post would be given a Status Update from one of our Product Managers once it reached 60 upvotes, letting you know the status of the suggestion as a possible new feature!

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, let me know 😊


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