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I have 11 different template timelines I use Blue Prints to organize and create new projects from. Many of these 11 template timelines have the same task which takes the same amount of time for every project. ie: "SKU creation". Right now I have "SKU creation" as a seporate task on each of my 11 timelines, but we just had a change in ownership so I need to re-assign this task on every timeline. My question is Can I have one "SKU Creation" task and just attached it to all 11 timelines that way in future when we have changes I only need to do it in one place? 

additional thoughts: I have predecessors and dependancies for this task - if I only have 1 task for "SKU Creation" that has 11 dependancies and I create from blue print - but this action only copies the one dependency will the new "Project pre-fix 1 SKU Creation" task still have links to the other blueprint tasks?


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Hi Jessie Schwartz,

I am going to try and answer this based on hypothetical because I have not actually done what you are suggesting, but based on knowledge this should work. I will make some assumptions here, and the first is that each of your templates exist in either a Folder or Project structure and not subtasks within a parent task. If that is the case then I think this should work. If not it maybe something to try. 

For this I have created 4 Test Projects and will attempt to do this as I type. Here's hoping. 

In each of these tests I have Tasks A and C that are specific to each Test project and then I created one Task B. For example in Test1 I have Task1 A TaskB and Task1C.

You can see that I for Task B I have folder tagged Test2, Test3, and Test4 so that this task shows up in all 4 of the test folder structures. 

I then went into the Gantt Chart and created dates and dependencies for each of the tasks. Remember here that the date for Task B has to constant through out in each template, as it is the same task in each project and cannot have custom dates. You said in your question that the SKU task has the same duration so this should not be a problem, but you will want to build your other tasks in all the template around this one task. 


We can see that TaskB in each template project has the dependency built for each template it is a part of. To see it all we can click on the task and see the 8 dependencies that have been built for this one task. 

Now the moment of truth. I have created the request form. 

I used the request form and created 4 different Projects, to which our test templates were then changed to real projects. 

I also put different dates to test this out. Let's see what happened as we check test 1. 

We can see in the Gantt Chart that the tasks are all there, the dependencies exist correctly and when I check on the dependencies for TaskB only the two dependencies exist. 

The same actually exists in the newly created Test2, 3 and 4. 


So in theory, by having just one task tagged into 11 different blueprints, with 22 possible dependencies built on either side of the one task, can indeed be duplicated into an active project and and only have the set of dependencies needed for the active project that was created. 

Please let me know if your application to this was successful. If not, I am sure we can figure it out. 

Hope this helps.


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Jessie Schwartz Did this work?


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