Reporting: Created to completed duration

Is there a way to automatically get a report on task that shows the duration between Created to Completed?


I know there's a reporting from a start date to an end date/completed date,  but we're looking to see more of the aging of a ticket/task from when something was submitted (which, doesn't always mean the task had been started). You can see Created to Completed in a table side by side in reporting, but it's too much to manually do the difference on those every time. 



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In reports, you can actually create calculated fields. I think this is a pretty new feature. Here's how it works:

- Go to your report where you want the Created to Completed Duration metric

- Click on the cog at the top left of the screen to select which columns to display (see image below). 

- Under the Calculated FIelds, click "Create field". That will bring up a box that looks like this: 

- In this box, add a Name to the metric, and then add the following formula: "[Completed date] - [Created date]"

- Hit save. This should then appear on your report. If you need to make edits, you can click on the dropdown arrow on the column header:



Hope this is helpful! Good luck!

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I just realized this is part of Wrike Labs, so to use this feature, you would need to enable it here:

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This is actually super helpful! I just enabled this feature from labs and works great.

Would you happen to know if this calculates working/non-working days (like the weekends) - I'm comparing that from an excel field/calculation but it seems I'm off a bit.

Thank you!

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I'm glad it was helpful!

I'm not sure about that. I assume that it would count all days, regardless of it they are weekends/holidays/days off. There might be a way to add to the formula to exclude days off? Not sure though.


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