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New Task Created Notification


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    Ryan Nelson

    To better understand what you have set up can you answer a few questions.

    1. Do you have the newly created tasks being assigned to anyone on your Ops team?

    2. Where in your folder structure do you have your task being placed, and who has access to that folder?



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    Diana Yu

    1) Currently, it just creates a task, not assigned to anyone. So we hope to have it be sent to the folks that have access to the folder

    2) These tasks is a sub-folder of the main team folder. I hope that makes sense. (Team Folder > Task Folder)

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    Ryan Nelson

    One rule I like to follow with everything we do is always have a task assigned to someone, even if the task is assigned to a manager that will reassign it later. This way nothing ever gets missed.ย 

    With that being said, your Ops team could receive emails when a task is created in a folder they follow. To do this they will need to enter their Profile settings.

    Go to Email Preferences.

    Scroll down to you get the heading of "Task, Project, and Folder Updates"

    There is a section in there that says "For Other Tasks I follow." You will want to check the checkbox called "Task is added or removed from Project of Folder."

    If everyone on your ops team had this checked they would receive a notification every time a task is added to a folder that they follow.

    Depending on the number of folders that they follow and the number of tasks created within those folders, this could be a lot of emails. This is why I have mine unchecked, I would receive thousands of emails per day. For just the updates I get in email form I currently have 8324 emails from March 18 to present date. If I had these checked I could possibly have double that in the same time period. So it is risky to have these emailed out as they could get lost if there is a large volume of emails.ย 

    This goes back to my first point about assigning the task right from the request form. We have a request form that creates a task for our maintenance team that is assigned to the maintenance manager who then assigns the task to a member of the maintenance team. This why every task that is created has someone who gets eyes on the task and ensures that it gets directed appropriately. ย 

    You could also have some drop-down menus or check boxes that could add assignees to the task based on what is selected in those options. For example, if you have 5 tasks that are handled by the ops team but the same member of the ops team always handles Task A, then one of your questions in your request form could provide more detail within the checkbox or drop-down menu. Once selected then the task would be assigned to that member. You could repeat this step for all 5 tasks.ย 

    Reading this over there is a lot of info that is not well organized so if you have any other questions please ask and I can try and clarify.ย 

    Hope this helps.


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