Attachments with Pending Reviews

Through the API, is there any way to get a list of attachments/tasks with pending reviews?

The Attachments API has an optional response parameter of "reviewIds", which returns an array of IDs. But I don't see any API that can return further data based on a given reviewId, such as review status (Pending Approval, Changes Required, Approved, etc) or the assigned reviewers. 

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Hi Eric, have you taken a look at this API overview.

Perhaps the Workflow documentation here if you're querying Workflows.

It looks like you can create an API from the Status so this should be possible.

Please let me know if I'm off the mark here with what exactly you're looking for and I'll be happy to discuss further 😇

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Hi Stephen,

I am looking specifically for the API that would be related to this functionality:

As far as I know, it's not related to custom statuses or workflows on tasks; it's related to the approval statuses of file attachments themselves. There is a dedicated interface in Wrike where you assign users as reviewers of file attachments, and each user makes an approval determination. If you look at the first screenshot under the "Overview" section in the link above, notice the green "Approved" and orange "Changes Required" and gray "Pending for Approval". These are all hardcoded as part of "Wrike for Marketers" and not related to custom statuses we configure in our organization's workflow.

The most I can see from the Attachments API is if a file has some sort of review process on it (by the presence of the reviewIds parameter), but beyond that (an array of who those assigned reviewers are, what the current approval status is by reviewer, the dates associated with the review, etc) I'm not seeing anything in the API documentation that will let me access this information.

Let me know if that help clarify a bit, or if there is something in the API that I'm overlooking.


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