[Status: Backburner ⌛️] Custom Field History In Stream & Notifications Options

Custom Field History Displayed In Stream (& possibly toggling notifications too)

Hi all, welcome to a bit of product feedback focused on the recently released (and long awaited) custom fields history. So, without-further-a-due...


I'm very excited to use the new "custom fields history" feature within Wrike, we've been waiting for it for a long time because currently we've had to restrict all our regular users from changing custom fields in most locations to prevent them from changing the features without alerting us. Therefore all changes have to be communicated to my team and then we have to make them manually (in most but not all cases) for our area.

The current manor in which the "custom fields history" is great for if you made a mistake while entering a value or accidentally deleted some data. However it does not actively alert you when a value that you care about is changed, instead you have to notice this yourself and then seek out the information regarding the change yourself.



Due to this limitation of "custom fields history", although there is no reason not to enable it, my team will still be forced to make all changes our selves and not allow customer departments to make changes.




I would like for option (possibly toggle-able in the account options) to report all changes to custom fields in each task's/project's stream (the comments section). This has happened for a long time with date changes, assignee changes and folder changes for example and the options are there to decide whether you would appreciate emailed updates from these (dependent on whether you're following or are assigned the task).
Having the option to not receive these email/notifications (if Wrike take on board this feature request) would be very important for a lot of people (to prevent spam, assuming they're following more than 20 tasks ahah).


Thanks for taking the time to read this, keep up the great work Wrike and God bless


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Agree with George this would be a great option to develop, especially if "toggle-able" so it is possible to select to NOT see them in the history.


(George, I'm sure you mean well but not sure which god you mean and request we keep religious comments out of the mix in here)

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Thanks for commenting Scott! Glad to know it's not just me :)


I was referring to the Christian God, I did not mean to cause offense but have received no complaints about my well wishing in the past. Do you really think this is something I should stop?


Have a great day


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George, often it causes no problem at all.  But sometimes this is because people are simply hesitant to say anything. You are effectively making people have to speak up publicly (aka "opt out") and IMHO it is kinder to let people "opt in". For sure in some cases it CAN cause problems! I recommend continuing to wish well, but best without any religious language or overtones, in general public discussion spaces. 



Scott Henderson Arizona Community Foundation azfoundation.org

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Hey George,

Thanks for making a post for this!

I had commented on the original post for custom field history when it was released along these lines, but comments after something is launched never seem to make headway, so I was about to make a new post when I found yours!

I also recommend having toggles and options for seeing custom field updates in the streams and getting notified about the changes.

Another sub-feature here would be the ability to choose what specific fields trigger notifications when changed. In our case, many people can see fields that they don't directly care about and don't need to know when they change. It'd be great to have an option in the Mange Custom Fields dialog (part of the New Table view) and the column context menus in both Table views to subscribe to update notifications for this field in this folder. These settings could still be dependent on a profile notification setting.

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Hey guys! As this post got a considerable number of upvotes, I checked with our Product team and they are interested in this suggestion. It is not planned for the short term but will be reviewed in the future. I'll let you know when there's some development 🙂

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Hi everyone! While the team is still interested in this, it is not currently planned for the short-term roadmap. When I have an update I'll let you know.


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