Archiving items on the sent tab of the inbox

Is there any way of archiving items on the sent tab? It would be nice to be able to see only those items where a question was asked and no reply had been received. Happy to do this manually.............

Currently I am starring the tasks where I've asked questions, and then removing the star when i question is answered, but unfortunately you can't sort the list based on this (or anything else that i can see), and it's a very long list now........

Until such time as there's a product 'fix' does anyone have a better workaround for this?

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Hey Julie, that's a clever Wrike-hack you're using 🙂

Considering archiving Inbox items like this is not possible I've been thinking about some workarounds and here's one I use for a similar process and it works great for me. Hopefully, others will join in here too because I'm sure lots of people have a preferred process for this and I'm interested in hearing about them!

My idea is using Tags to create a Dashboard Widget of tasks you've commented on.

What you'll need to do.

  • Create your own personal Folder named, for example, 'My Inbox Archive'.
  • Then for any Task you've asked a question on, simply Tag your Folder to that Task.
  • You now have a Folder filled with Tasks where you're waiting for a response.
  • You can then create Dashboard Widget based on this Folder 'My Inbox Archive' so you have a nice clean and a quick overview of the Tasks that you've tagged.
  • Once you've received a reply and you're done with the task, you can remove the Tag from the Task, and it's gone from your Widget and Folder leaving only tasks you're still waiting for a response.

This option of using tags to keep an eye on some Tasks gives you a little more flexibility outside of your Inbox functions and notifications. The only manual step is actually adding and removing the Tag.

Let me know what you think! Any questions, I'm happy to discuss 🙌 

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Hi Stephen,

I wanted to say thanks for this - it works really well.

I now have an 'outstanding questions' folder per your suggestion, but am also using this approach to manage action items from status meetings. Great for grouping together brand new items with actions on existing tasks. Adding and removing tags is an easy way of dealing with this.


Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Would not have thought about that myself - thanks for the tip - it is a good one!😀😀😀


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