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    Hi Kathleen, I've just moved this post to the Onboarding section as I think it suits that section a little better.

    I'm more than happy to discuss this with you here but I need a little more information.

    Where are these Job numbers coming from and where are they kept now?

    How are you and the team using, or want to use Job numbers? e.g. reporting, cross-referencing jobs etc.

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    1Marjorie Downey

    Depending on your answers to Stephen's questions, a quick note, that if you use Request forms for projects/tasks, you can insert the job number as a part of the request form, and have it either take that information and make it part of the title of the new task/project, or you can make it a prefix to all the tasks in the project.ย  (You can also just have it placed in the body of the new task/project). I see you are new to Wrike and may not know about the Wrike Request forms.ย  Take a moment and review this information: Create a Request Form. This one is a good read as well: Dynamic Request Forms.

    Welcome to Wrike!


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    Kathleen Walsh

    Currently new job comes in it is assigned two letters representing the client and a number representing the next job in line. For example Fall Commencement is managed by Academic Affairs, the job is assigned a job number AA100. All tasks under this are AA100 and all print components have the code AA100 printed on them. The next job in for Academic Affairs when would be AA101 and so forth.

    Our plan in Wrike is to have an Academic Affairs folder and within the folder a project called AA100 Fall Commencement. All projects would have the job number first, followed by short descriptor. We would also want to tag all tasks with the college client when part of the commencement project is also a Fall Commencement project but for a college.

    We want to know if this makes sense, or are there other best practices? We are just starting in Wrike and open to looking at new ways to manage job numbering.

    Thanks for feedback. kathleen



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    1Marjorie Downey

    ifย  each new job has standard tasks, create a blueprint for it. Then, using the request forms, use the option for either prefix based on a question in the form, or have the form put the answer automatically in the Title. I hope this makes sense. if not, i could maybe do some screen shots for you. :Dย 

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