List view - folder list resets on task selection

I use a top level folder as an "inbox" (catch-all) into which I add notes day to day.

I then review the list and organize it into projects/folders.

Every time I click a new task in list view, the project/folder list resets back to the highlighted top-level folder.

This means that for almost every task - unless I am bulk moving them - I have to re-scroll back to where I was. This consistent redundancy adds a lot of time and frustration to my workflow.

The solution, simply, would be to stop resetting the project/folder list to the currently active folder every time a new item is clicked.

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Hi Chris, I can totally understand where you're coming from with this. The logic is built so the panels (from left to right: folder tree to the task view) are connected in a related way. Let's see how many people agree by voting and would like to see this reviewed by Product Team.

A little off-topic here, but I actually do the same thing with personal notes and tasks but I use the Wrike Todo extension for taking daily notes. These notes are referencable in each new tab you open, and also create a private task in your Wrike Workspace. It's worth checking out and I swear by it! 👍

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