How to reference tasks by ID


Until today I never realised you could see Wrike task Ids - they aren't shown prominently and they are not very easy to remember as they are not local per-project?

Anyway, is there a syntax I can type some special markup in an issue, to add a link to another? If I have links between tasks this is not always a dependency (could be just a note) but referring to tasks by long messy URLs is not the best.

I was thinking if I type some special character I might get a neat auto-complete to help me don this in-line even?

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i have no idea about syntax, etc, but when i want to link to another task, i click on the Permalink icon (to the left of the ...) in the upper right corner of that task and copy the "Link" URL provided. I then paste that into the task i want the link to be in. Then, the URL converts to the name of the task, as well as shows status. As status changes, or other changes are made to the name of the linked task, it auto updates. 

I will occasionally use this to create a TO DO TODAY task. All tasks i Must get done today, i copy and paste their Link URLs to that task. A simple click on them and Wrike takes me to them. 

I hope this helps.


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I don't consider this fully answered:

  1. I _can_ reference task B from task A but this is a really cumbersome way, having to find that task in the list and copy the link.
  2. This is only a 1-directional reference. Cross-referencing would be so useful. 

In Github I just type "#123" or "#Sav" and it will suggest matching tasks. Then, both tasks will hold this reference. It is extremely useful for the person on task B to know it was linked in A.

I seem to recall some other tools (Jira?) have a more abstract "link" feature for tasks. You can create single or bi-directional links, and these can be dependencies or just cross-references.

Am I missing some functionality or could this be considered for a request?

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Hi John, thanks for coming back. I think this is answered to the best we can for the How To section, as it's the best way to reference tasks with other tasks. I just want to mention here that we have Folder/Project tagging for Projects, but I really like the idea of having an innovative solution for cross-referencing tasks with tasks.

As for hashtags, I'm actually a big fan of the ideas discussed in this Product Feedback post,. We really need more votes to grab the attention of the Product Team so it would be great if you could vote and if you'd like you can comment here with more detail which is really helpful.

If you think your idea is too different from what's being discussed there, please feel free to post your own Product Feedback post for others to vote and discuss 👍

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I fully concur here.  One of the biggest asks of mine of Wrike is to bring in full task referencing. 

For some reference, I wanted to include some other links as this thread isn't really a feature request:

I have posted about it here:

And I created a new post about it here:

Thanks guys!

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