Review Module Issues/Automated Review process

My goal in using the review module is to have the following process:

  1. A file is attached for review
  2. A file is reviewed by creative and sent back for updates
  3. Updates are made
  4. Creative approves
  5. Business reviews
  6. Review approves

There does not seem to be a way to do this without sacrificing version history, widget compatibility, automation, and/or efficient assignment.

Review Module issues:

  1. If you set someone up to review they will not receive a notification unless they have selected to receive notifications for “Date, Assignee, or Status is changed” on BOTH “tasks assigned to me or created by me” and “For other tasks I follow.” As you can imagine this is a selection the executives are loathe to choose.
  2. Dashboards – There is no option to pull in reviews that are on a project level. Only on a task level.  You can get pending reviews for task level either through custom widget (which is tasks only) or “My pending reviews” but there is no project level widget for review.
  3. Phone App – The phone app does not support “my pending reviews” for iphone, but it does for android. There is a laundry list of incongruences with the app beyond this.
  4. You cannot automate a review process that goes through multiple reviews. That is to say you cannot have A create something attach it, then B review and approve, then it goes to C to approve.  You can either have a workload that continues to add and never takes away assignees, create a task structure and not preserve review history or file versions, and/or you can add new approvers.  Adding new approvers refreshes the approval, so all current approvers will have to go back into review and approve.  (Adding tasks is addressed in 5.)
  5. Files do not share between tasks, so version control is extremely limited. Since you cannot set up dashboards to see reviews on a project level, storing files on a project level for review is problematic.  Storing it on a task level poses its own set of problems because each task could have a different version especially if you are going through different rounds of review (see issue 4), for example you have a creative review, then a business review.  Each round of review needs to approve, but if it is a different file, you have two files that either need to both have version control or one location, where you swap in and out approvers.  Alternatively you could have a workload setup, which does not push it to the next person, but rather requires each review to change the workload to add a person (or more) while keeping themselves attached to a file they have already approved, unless they are trained in removing themselves.
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  1. Totally agree! Pending reviews notifications should sync the same as when someone @mentions a user for response. Most collaborators don't care to be involved in projects much more than that.

  2. Totally agree on this also. Unless a review is attached to a Task, it will not show up in Pending Reviews Dashboard. This seems like a critical flaw in how this feature should work. All reviews should be displayed in that Dashboard at the Project level to take the human error out of users always remembering to post their proofs attached to specific tasks... having to create a separate task to "Review a Proof" before posting a proof seems like an unnecessary extra step.

  3. Many of our users are on iPhones also, this should definitely be addressed on a future release of the mobile app.

  4. Custom workflows for Reviews would be a great feature to add. We had this in our previous workflow solution & it was 1 of the most widely used features for our design team.

I would also add a 6th point to the original post that would be a great feature to have on a future release:

  • Ability to add an attachment to comments in Reviews so users could easily share out an image, logo or word doc that should be used to apply the change they are requesting. This was also a feature that was available in our previous workflow solution & it made reviewing proofs much more efficient!



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Bumping this topic again. Has there been any consideration to address these items on a future release?

In particular having the Pending Reviews Dashboard mapped only at the task level seems like a basic flaw in how workflow management should work on this platform... most users will use the project details pane as their central point of reference & not bother to go into each task to weed through proof versions. This feature seems like a no brainer.

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Hello! I'm interested in this topic as well. I have items in review for me, but they only appear in my "Pending Review" dashboard if it's on a task. If it's a review attached to a project I never see it and I'd have to hunt through all the projects. 

Is there a work around for this or something that can be fixed in the future? 


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Hey guys! I've checked with the team, and a dashboard for project reviews is not planned at the moment. We'll let you know if that changes, and thank you for the feedback!

Other than that, there've been a lot of changes introduced to the approvals process recently, please check out this Help Center page:

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