[From Wrike] Selective Sharing for Enterpriseย Accounts ๐Ÿ“

Enterprise accounts usually have a high volume of peopleย completing tasks within Wrike. This may require someย extra controls around what is shared and how. That's where Selective Sharing helps.
By default, sharing in Wrike works from the top-down, meaning once you share an item, every sub-item within it is shared with that person or Group too. So if you share a Folder with someone on your team, for example, they'll have access to all the content within it. This is called Inherited Sharing and it's activated as default in your account.
Selective Sharing is an Enterprise feature that works a little differently and gives you increased control over what and how items are shared within your Folder Structure.
By turning off Inherited Sharing and editingย Permissionย levels you can set up a Folder structure with Selective Sharing. Then using Selective Sharing, you can:
  • Ensure only top-level Folders are shared with all team members while Subfolders and Subprojects are shared with just the teams (or users) who need access to them.
  • The Folder structure is protected; you can decide which users or group of users can move existing Folders.
Let's take an example:
A Marketing team is beginning to use Wrike and they're setting up their Folder structure and they want to use Selectively share certain items with certain people and groups.
  1. They start by creating 'Marketing' as their top level Folder. They then create SubFolders there named;ย Design,ย Copy, andย Events.
  1. Next, they createย User Groupsย for when they later begin sharing and setting Folder Permissions later on.
  1. They create a User Group for Admins - these are the people on the team who decide what Folders you created above are shared with whom and manage the sharing and moving for Folders.
  1. They then create additional groups;ย Marketing Team,ย Design Team,ย Copy Team, andย Event Team.ย 
  1. Now, they turn offย Inherited Sharingย on the Top level Marketing Folder they created in step 1.
  1. They begin to selectively share and assign Permission levels from the top Folder-down.
  1. They share the top Folder withย Marketing Teamย andย Adminsย Groups and edit theirย Permissions Levelsย so that the My Team have Editor Access, while the Admins have Full Access.
  1. They then go through the rest of their Folders and assign the correct team forย Design,ย Copyย andย Eventsย Folders and also make decisions around which users need, Editor, Full or Limited access to each Folder.
  1. Their Folder structure is now ready to use and all the correct people are shared with the correct items and have the right permissions to do the work assigned to them.
Are you using Selective sharing? We're interested in hearing your feedback, post below.
Note:ย The ability to turn off Inherited Sharing is available on Enterprise accounts. It's automatically enabled for all accounts created afterย 11/19/2018. Admins on other Enterprise accounts can enable it fromย Wrike Labs.ย 
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Is this going to be available on Wrike for Marketers? Would be a great feature!!ย 

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Hey Devon Marie!

There are no plans right now for this to be available on accounts that are not Enterprise. The main reason is that it's extra sharing controls for particularly large Enterprise account across many teams.

If this changes I'll be sure to update you here ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‚

๐Ÿ‘ Spot On ๐Ÿ’ก Innovative Approach ๐Ÿ’ช Stellar Advice โœ… Solved ๐Ÿช„ Remove Kudos

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