Mass editing projects' titles

Hello Wrike Team,

We would like to have the ability to batch update projects' names through export and importing, perhaps in Excel. 


We want to load projects into Wrike because they need to be used now, however we know these projects are going to be renamed later on. Can we do a mass edit of tasks and projects somehow?

Please note: We don’t want to replace projects, just edit them.

Many thanks,


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Hey Kristina,

There is an import/export feature. You can export and edit and re-import, but you'll likely have to delete the old projects and start working in the new imported project. 

It takes a little trial and error.

The biggest issue I ran into myself was that descriptions within tasks/projects can lose formatting.

Hope this helps!

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@Kristina Hey! For now we don't have such functionality. You can export the Project in xls format, edit the titles and import it back to Wrike, but the comments and the attachments won't be imported. I suggest you leave your product feedback here - our Product team monitors this Forum on a regular basis. 

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Ok thank you, I have posted it in the product feedback page. Thanks!


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