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It would be great to be able to create folders as smart folder, a bit like you can with calendars - but to include customer fields as well.

As an example, one of our uses of custom fields is for automation development - so we would like to use a Smart Folder to create - needs scoping, development, in production etc

Whilst we could use reports - these aren't practical for workload planning, we need the tasks within a folder and don't want to have to keep running filters and mass moving/copying tasks. We're big into automation!!

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Hey Dawn,

I'm intrigued by your post. Can you tell me a bit more about the automation or expected behavior of the smart folders? I'm not sure I follow your use-cases and I'm very interested in anything that might reduce unnecessary clicking. 



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OK, I'll try and explain!!

This is just one example of our use of custom fields. We would want to, for example, have any task which is set to 'Y' on PM Overnight in one folder, shared automatically - not via us filtering and adding to the relevant folder manually

It's really just the same principle as the calendar which is based on. Instead of saying smart based on status, for example, you would build the criteria using custom fields

I saw it as an added option, so you can still just create a folder or project but also create a smart one.

Hope this helps!

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Oh, interesting thought - 

We solve for this today by creating Dashboards that teams monitor based on attributes like status and/or custom field. That said, I could see where things are automatically shared based on custom fields or attributes. (If I'm following properly). 

Folder tagging can get tedious - we spend a significant amount of time either having some technology integration via API to solve for this or by building a business process for individuals to do this as a step in their work.

I'll be thinking about this and looking at Wrike existing functionality to see if I can think of any alternatives.

Thanks for sharing more! 

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We also use Dashboards to filter through a lot of our custom fields. And where that's fallen short, we've utilized the "Personal" folder for people who want to customize that further. Through that combined method, we've been able to recreate the smart functionality, which has helped a lot of our PM's do their work.


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