Individual Wrike User Visibility Into Who Has Access to My Card

As an individual user (non-system admin), I want to know who else can see my card. If I share my card with someone, and then that person shares the card, I want to know that. I'd like a system alert. Also, is I specifically don't give a user access to a Project, but just to 1 card, but then that user tags that same card to another project altogether, it's defeated the point of limiting access to just the card. The user can share that card out with others I never intended to see that information. 

It would be great if there were more access control options.

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Hi Emilie,

More access controls are coming soon I believe (at least the PD department of Wrike is working on them currently).

If you look through the community there are very similar posts to this one.


Also in regards to your concern of people being able to just tag another folder onto a card/task. You can only do this if you have full access roles in the folder that the card/task is in (as per the following image).

I hope that ease your concerns a little if just for the moment.




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