New Table view feedback, backpedaling and suggestions

I did leave this feedback within Wrike but I thought it would be worth seeing if anyone agrees with me.

Hi all,

I really like the new field view however there are a few suggestions and issues with it (which I assume all you at Wrike are aware of but I thought I'd just make sure).
Firstly, the blue field selection box is offset from the grid. Secondly, unlike in the old table view, Custom fields that can only hold data in a project or folder but not in a task are not grayed out for tasks.

Firstly, I love the latest additon to the view (copying via ctrl+C) but pasting via ctrl+V would be an absolute Godsend.
Secondly, the ability for admins to edit the default column order and whether columns are hidden or visible for all users within a folder / project (and for this to be inherited from above unless specified otherwise by an admin) would be incredibly useful for my use case. Specifically this would be useful because often our users don't want to undergo training in how to fully utilise the tool (as this would be a waste of time for them, not being regular users) however it would be useful if all their views looked the same, optimally for the information they need to view first (unless they deliberately made it otherwise).

I hope that all makes sense and that this feedback benefits Wrike, please keep my up to date on any of this if you can and have a great day (if you're reading this).

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