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I've always have a project templete with dates (in 2017) and when I've created a project I duplicate and set the date for when the project is to start.  Until today my template has worked.

Today I've readjusted dates due to adding milestones but when duplicating the project the dates have gone into 2028 although I asked project to start tomorrow.

Please can you direct me to an article that shows me show to set up the project again.




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Are there start and end dates for your tasks? It could have been that when you adjusted dates you may have only adjusted the end dates, keeping the start dates in 2017. If your tasks are set up with dependencies and you have start dates in 2017 and end dates in 2018 then your length for each task could be a year. This would then cause tasks that have later dependencies to be set up a year after the task that comes right before it, compounded for each task, for 10 tasks could take you to the year 2028.

Just a thought.



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