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I absolutely love the add in for Outlook. I open my In-box in the am, convert any email that needs attention to a task, assign it to a folder, set the status, assign to the appropriate person, and give it a date.  

I love that when i get any email associated with an email that i created a task from, Wrike offers to let me send the new email as a comment. 

I love that i can update the status, etc right from Outlook based on the new email. 

I love that i can send an email (via BCC) to a specific folder and have it auto assign user, status and gives it a date.

Specifically, we track and respond to all negative reviews from most major review sites. I have to create a response, send the response with a snip of the review to the store manager for his review and then post or adjust the response if needed. What i was doing, was, after sending the email to the manager, i would go to my Sent folder and turn it into a task, assigning, etc. Now, i send it to a specific folder (i.e. Google, Yelp) in the bcc column as i used the Email address for that folder and turned them into a contact (Google-Wrike, Yelp-Wrike). Those folders are set up with a specific workflow as default that auto assigns new tasks in that folder to me and sets the Status. Talk about a time saver!!!

Only drawback... You have to go to that task after it shows up in Wrike (give it 2 minutes) and set the duration, Wrike auto assigns 1 day regardless of your personal settings.


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When setting duration I found that when you can do two clicks on the date. One click is the task start date and the second click in the task due date. Try that to see if you can get ride of your only drawback. I love the Outlook Add in it is fantastic. 

Thanks for the post.

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@Ryan. Nope. :-( Even though i assigned it to myself first, then did the double click, still set to 1d. Maybe Wrike will update soon? 

and i agree, the outlook add in is totally fantastic!

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I would look to see if your Add in is up to date. Here are some screen shots of what it looks like for me so I know that it can be done.

Click on the Schedule task I then click the first date/start date.

Then click on a second date/Finish date.

Then I have the dates showup in the task as follows.

Then it transfers that to Wrike.


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@Ryan, yes, that works perfectly for me as long as i want a task to go for multiple days. my issue is, i select, say the 26 to start and 26 to end, wrike makes the task a 1d task, i would like the option to tell it to be 1h or 15m IN the outlook add on. almost seems double duty, having to go into wrike to change the duration.  :D 

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Gotcha. I understand now. 


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