Project and Task Template Confusion

Hi Team,

I'm new to Wrike and was hoping someone could help clarify my thought on how the submission of requests work.

My thought:

  1. You create a template "Campaign Creative"
  2. A department requests "Promotion 1" which is linked to a "Campaign Creative" template
  3. "Promotion 1" request is created and put into a folder "Inbound Requests"
  4. "Promotion 1" has all the "Campaign Creative" tasks attached to "Promotion 1"
  5. Designers work through the tasks and complete them as required.

The issue:

If I receive two requests that use the "Campaign Creative" template only one instance of the template is used for both requests. The tasks just populate in the list with all the requests.


The question:

How can I use templates based on requests to attach UNIQUE templates for each respective project?


I'm sure my thought process is just wrong. I've read through the docs but don't grasp how each request is created, attached a template, and those tasks are update based on the specific request.

Any help would be great.

Thank you,


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Hi Sky,

I am guessing that you are using templates because you want to assign the same tasks for a specific project. To use different templates you will need to create a separate request form. When setting up the request form, in the top left there is a box that allows you to select options for your request form. Under "When User Submits Form" there are three sections; 1. Create, 2. Place task into and 3. Assign task to. for 1. use the drop down and select Project from template. You can then select the folder or project that you have the template set up in.

Enter your questions and required answers and once saved the user will have to select the correct form to create the project of tasks for the right template. 

Hopefully I understood your question. If you need more help let me know. 

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