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When I am in TABLE view, and I see my project with the start date and end date. But when I delete my dates (for ongoing projects) the dates still appear in my table view (but they no longer appear in the project itself). Would someone know how come I still see the dates in the table view?


thank you! 

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Hi Erika,

Does this still occur when you refresh your browser?  I ran a test and found that I had to switch to timeline view (or other view) first, and then after switching back to table view the dates were no longer visible.  Let me know if you experience something different.

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Hi Trevor! Yes it still occurs when I refresh my browser...I tried it a few times. 

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Would you be able to provide some screen shots to demonstrate what you're seeing?

Here's a demonstration of what I'm seeing:

Start new project in table view with start and end dates defined.

Open details to delete dates.

Delete dates from project.

I forgot to get a screen capture before leaving the table view, but the dates were still showing until I left the project and returned.  Now the dates are no longer populated in table view.


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Dates within project table view reflect the dates of the tasks within the project.  In Trevor's example, he was able to get rid of the dates because there were no tasks associated with the Test project.  Think of the table view dates as a reflection of what is happening within the project.  The project starts when you enter the first task that needs to be completed, which probably have start and due dates.  The task with the earliest start date will show in the Start Date of the project to properly reflect when the project was actually started with the creation of that first task within the project.  Likewise, the end date reflects the date of the task that has the latest due date, which would reflect when the project would finish based on the due date of the last task that would essentially end the project.  As an example, I will show how we use projects to handle our Petty Cash tasks.  In the project details, we have no dates. 

But in the table view we have a start date of October 17, 2017 becuase that is the earliest start date that is contained within our tasks in the project.

Our Due date is always updating based on due dates that are being added with new tasks.

So with all of that being said, you can only remove the dates in the table view by removing the dates within the tasks of the project.

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Ahhh, thanks for expanding on that Ryan!  Great point!

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It makes sens, thank you very much Ryan! I will change my tasks then.

Have a great day! 


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