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I need to manage several tasks with uncertain outcomes and process.  Wrike is great for reminding me that the task is there, but does not help much with with-task timing detail.  For example, I have an engineer working on a design improvement and it's hard to predict how long it will take.  But I need to follow up with him in a few days to see how things are progressing.  There does not seem to be a way to build such a reminder into a Wrike activity.  Something like a "within-task" milestone is what I need.  At the moment, your people could only suggest creating sub tasks, but creating a sub-task each time, and then assigning myself to it, putting in a date, description, etc.  I don't need that complexity.  I can put a reminder in my calendar, but that takes me out of Wrike completely.  Another way to do that would be to send a message within the task to myself (@James) but arrange for the message to be sent in, say, 7 -10 days time.  As a reminder to follow up.

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I like this idea. I normally create a task to remind me but it would be nice to have an option (maybe built into the stared/following feature) to set a reminder to follow up. 

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We have wanted this feature for a long time. Right now our workaround involves custom statuses that allow us to filter for tasks that require follow-up, but it doesn't really address the reminder aspect James mentioned above. Please consider implementing this! It would greatly improve our workflow.

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This would be a huge help! We have a request form that creates a templated task with a start and finish date. We want to be able to add a milestone within that duration. For example, we start working on a task on the start date but we have a "milestone" due date to get the first draft out. There is then the final end date when the task is due. 



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