Calculating User Performance?

Is it possible now or in the future to calculate the average of status changes within one work day? We want to determine based on the user how many times the user selects different statuses on their assigned task. For example, when we assign task to our team we then change the status to in progress. If there is a way to calculate how many times that happens within a 24 hour period, that would be very useful to our team. Thanks!

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Hi Kevin, it would be great to hear a little more about how you would like to see this data, in Reports, or exportable data-set, or perhaps dedicated View in Wrike?

For now, you can go to the Stream to see the changes although this might not be the most direct way of viewing this information.

Our team is looking at Workflow Reports and an experimental version is available to turn on in Wrike Labs. It would be great for the team to see your feedback on this. You can click 'Feedback' under the item on the Labs page to provide some details 👍

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