Tracking Moving Tasks

Hi all. New to Wrike and love it -as does my whole team. I had a question and wanted to see if anyone had come across this situation. I have multiple mailing lists (list1, list2, list3 etc) which I am creating as TASKS and moving them using a work flow (March Newsletter, April Newsletter, Lead Email 4) etc. So as I add new lists and have current lists they will move from COLUMN to COLUMN on my project (Email Marketing).  See Screen Shot here:


Thoughts? Any advice would be awesome. I just want to be reminded at set intervals (every 21 days?) that I need to move a TASK (in my case a list) into the next campaign?



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Hi Anthony,

Not a perfect solution, but you could create a reminder task and set the recurrence for 21 days.

In the recurrent task, insert the link to where your lists live and other info needed.

Hope that helps!

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I agree, setting a recurrent task is probably the best I could think of as well. You can set the recurrent tasks (now that they have updated it) to not create the list of tasks like shown above. They are much less cluttered and consolidated now. 

This was a great improvement in Wrike! 


You could also set the date of each TASK that you create as 21 days out, but I feel like that may be a big harder to track. You would get set reminders depending on how your email is configured for reminders when those tasks come up. Probably a To Do List email reminder would be least overwhelming as opposed to individual emails when something comes do. 

You could also add a custom field value to your tasks if you wanted to be able to utilize reporting to track them. I'd love to hear more of what you would want to track, just like everything - there are multiple ways to do it in Wrike. Finding the right solution is really tailored to what your end goal is. 

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