Controling custom fields' visibility, order and data editing in Table view and Project Information view

We would like to be able to mass change the viewing order of standard and custom fields on all folders/projects at once (both in table view and the project information's page (which, of course, is controlled by the order in the table view). This could be similar to mass updating statuses, assignees, due dates, etc.. I.e. if we move "Start" on a project from the left side of "Due" to the right side of "Due" we would like to have the option to apply it across all projects/folders.  

A part of the reasoning for this is that if all the projects/folders are not in the same exact order then we cannot export the data in the same order and then combined them in so we create our own reports that Wrike is not capable of doing.  This is also very important to us because when users/collaborators who use Wrike very sparingly look at our projects/folders they tend to get easily confused.  They need have the same view across all projects/folders.  Manually making this changes across 200+ projects/folders is simply not a realistic possiblity.  

We would also like the ability to control if a custom field is active or inactive, hide or unhide, the custom field.  We know that:

  • You can control the visibilty/access of the custom fields as to who sees/has access to the field.
  • You can control if the field appears on projects, projects and folder, or projects folders and tasks.
  • You can control if the field appears on the table either through the gear in the top left corner as well as simply having it listed as a field on the table (which will remove it or add it onto the project information page).

However there are some fields that we are unable to remove from the table (which is a different issue we are looking into).  To solve this issue, as said above, we'd like the ability to set it as active/inactive or to hide it across all projects/folders/tasks.  We understand that we can just teach people to ignore the field but again that simply clutters the view and complicates things for people who don't use Wrike often (clients and upper management).

Finally we would like a way to control who is able to rearrange the order and visibilty of custom fields (with the needed exception of if they created a private custom field or project/folder).  We would also like the ability to control whether or not others can edit the data in certain fields.  We understand that you can change the user's access to the folder/project (as explained in  However we need most users to be able to have full functionality of Editor access.  We simply want to control if they can edit certain fields or the order of the fields regardless of which folder or project it is.

I am happy to move some of these requests into existing enhancements if someone can give me some direction but they all tend to overlap and are all for the same overall reasons: controling the project's custom fields viewing/ordering/editing for consistency.  This consistency is for exporting of data for additional reports/projects and to control what the infrequent but vital users of Wrike see.  And of course the control of data to prevent someone changing something where they shouldn't while still being able to do their jobs. 

Thanks for all your help and hard work!


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Thanks for your detailed post, Deidra. It really helps our Product Team to understand request when as much possible is added to a thread.

A lot what you mentioned here is new, or as you say overlap with other requests, but there are two I think you should take a read and up-vote if you think it will help. 

Custom Field Manager

Organising Custom Fields

Regardless, this post will stay here for others to discuss, vote and be visible to the Product Team 👍

👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos

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