How to drive crazy your coworkers with "Set default view"

We humans tend to like consistency and we develop habits, is natural, the brain works this way. If you want to have some fun from someone in your team, you can do the following:

1. Check what projects or folders this person uses in a regular way
2. Set a random default view different
3. Wait a random amount of time a go back to 2. 

Every time this person goes to this folder he will curse and be forced to pick the view that he fits best his work or the way she works :-) Is silly but is really annoying, and it is incredible how much context switching noise the view switching can create.

The best thing: Nobody will know! The change in the default view doesn't show in the Stream :-)

Lots of fun! :-D


OK, so here is the thing in a more serious note:

Wrike facts as Jan 18th 2018:

1. Anyone can set a default view for any folder/project that has access to, the key here is "any".
2. It doesn's leave an audit trail.
3. It is not reversible, once you set a default view you can't go back to yel olde "latest used view" behavior

Points for discussion:

A. This is a "preference" why is it global?

You know, visualization is a very personal thing. Some people understand boards, some people find lists the perfect tool etc. Visualization choice depends of the task to do and personal (mental) schemas. Does it really make sense that this preference is global to all users? I think no.

B. Why a global visualization preference can be set by anyone?

This happened in my team, I was quite happy with the previous behavior of Wrike showing your last picked view as you moved between projects/folders. Then someone went over a bunch of projects setting a default view... and problems started with people bithcing about Wrike inconsistently jumping from a view ro another and "WHY DO I HAVE TO PICK MY VIEW EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO INTO THE PROJECT" and such. Is a small thing, but if you have to repeat it over and over, multiples times a day it is really annoying.

C. And the mistake can't be fixed :-(

Becasue there is no way to clear the selection. There is no way to tell Wrike "It is not you, its me, this default view thing is not really my thing" so you have to stick to _some_ default view.

D. The feature that was removed "NO default view" or "Use last picked view"

Wrike previous behavior was that you whatever was the last view you picked, Wrike would apply it when jumping across folders. And this was a brilliant feature because 1. it respects your individual preference and 2. it allows you to repeatedly and quickly use a visualization  that fist the task you are focusing at.

But this is not available anymore, I can't null the default view :-(


OK, moving forward, what could fix it:

I have been in software development for some time, my take is that such feature as "individual default view per project/folder" would be expensive to implement and I am not sure about its value. But if you just add a "None" option to "Set default view" that would be cheap and would provide a great value, I don't mind individually iterating over every single folder and project ad resetting the default view.


For the micromanagers and control freaks that surely love to set the defaul view to what _they_ think is the right one: There may be a case for that, but there is a lof of smart people using wirke that doesn't need that level of control. Thank you.


Aníbal Rojas

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A good example to compare the behavior of "Set  default view" is against "Hide durations" and "Show Subfolders" that are not global but per user.  

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Dealing with this now.  Not the view being changed(yet), but the fact it is global.  I have a folder for some FAQs, and want it to always be viewed as a list.  There should be an option for the creator of the folder/project to lock the view. That would fix it for me.

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Hello Russell Sprague, thank you for sharing your case with us. You can prevent this by assigning an "Editor" access role to users, this way they won't be able to set a default view for your projects/Spaces.
In case you need additional custom options, it is possible to customize these permissions in the Enterprise subscription.
I hope this information helps! If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

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Juan thanks for the advice!  that is just what I needed.

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