Template Duplication - Pre-populate Tick Boxes


There has been instances where templates have been duplicated and briefs submitted with missing info.

In order to avoid any a re-occurrence we would like certain tick boxes to pre-populate when duplicating the templates

Please see the annotated screen shots that demonstrate the requirements.

Is it possible to do this?


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I suggest the following path forward, if your account level allows Blueprints (Blueprints in Wrike – Wrike Help Center)

1.  Translate you templates into blueprints

2. Go through the Blueprints and make sure all your custom fields are set up the way you want them 

3. Create a request form that asks which template you want to use, and other questions that will make sense based on your work flow. 

4. Train the team to use the request

I would use a single choice question and build it out like this

I will note it is important to set the response settings on the side to "Create Project from"  for projects so you can see projects in the branch questions or "Create Task from" for tasks

I would also add a question like " What do you want the new whatever to be named" and the map it to the title of the newly created project/task, I would also make this a required field.

I have made this form a public link, so you can see what it would like on the user end filling it out. I will leave it up for about a week https://www.wrike.com/form/eyJhY2NvdW50SWQiOjQxMjU1MzEsInRhc2tGb3JtSWQiOjEzODQ1Mzl9CTQ4NjQzNzI3NjQ4NDcJZjcxMmRjZDg5M2ZiOWM2NTU5MzY3MTliZWY3ZDRjMDM1NjkxMDFmY2QyNjhjMGJhNWEzNzgyMzQxZWFkMzY0NA==

More information on request forms can be found here, or feel free to ask questions 

Creating Request Forms – Wrike Help Center

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