FAQ: Where is the Gantt Chart

Wrike’s Timeline View is a Gantt Chart. To view your Projects on a Gantt Chart select a Folder/Project and click Timeline 1. This view shows tasks from the Folder/Project you opened it from (tasks must have start and due dates to be visible).

What can you see on the Timeline?

  • Tasks with start and due dates.
  • Folders and Projects which contain at least one scheduled task.

Choose Which Tasks You See on the Timeline

  • View tasks from your whole account: click on “Projects” or “All” in the navigation panel to view tasks from your whole account. 2
  • View tasks from one Folder/Project: Click on an individual Project or Folder and switch to the Timeline to view tasks from that location. 3
  • Filter tasks: By default, all active tasks are shown. Adjust the filtering criteria 4 to see tasks with different statuses, and matching other criteria.

Did you know?

You can create tasks right from the Timeline View by holding the “Shift” key and clicking on an empty space on the view.

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Is it possible to display both Completed and Active tasks at the same time in Timeline View?

I would like to use this view in overview meeting with upper management, but we need to show which jobs were completed, and what jobs are upcoming.  It would be bes to have % complete line included.  Job is scheduled to be completed this week, and is currently 50% complete for example.


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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Jason! Happy to say it is possible to see both active and completed tasks on the Timeline View. From the Timeline View:

  1. Click the filter icon that appears under the Folder/Project's title (above the timeline). A filter panel appears on the right side of the screen. 
  2. Check the box next to "All finished".

You'll now see all active and completed tasks. You can adjust additional filter criteria from the panel as well. For example, you can see only tasks that are assigned to certain people, or which were completed within a certain time period. 

In terms of percent complete, you can create custom Dashboard widgets which show the tasks which are scheduled to be completed this week but this would just be a task list, and wouldn't show an actual percentage. We do have a feedback request for showing percent complete, if you want to add your +1 to this post

For those on Business subscriptions and above I want to mention the Performance Chart and Reports. Again, they wouldn't calculate percentages, but help monitor what work has been completed and what is still left to do. 

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