When to Use: Milestones

What are Milestones?

Milestones in Wrike are one-day tasks with no duration. They are perfect for marking major events in your Project, such as:

  • The end of a Project phase.
  • Important decision points in a Project.
  • Critical events.

Create a Milestone

  1. In the Task View: Open the date picker to schedule your task, and select “Milestone” from the top-right corner of the scheduling popup.
  2. In the Timeline View: Convert an existing task into a milestone. To do this, click on the task bar and select “Convert into Milestone” from the popup window.

Did You Know?

  • Milestones are displayed as flags on the Timeline View, so you can immediately see which tasks are important events in your Project, without having to click through tasks.
  • Milestones do not shift if previous tasks in the dependency chain are rescheduled. Since milestones are considered to be important events with a hard due date, when you move one task in a dependency chain, all of the dependent tasks are rescheduled/pushed back, except for the milestone.
  • Reschedule a whole Project where tasks are connected through dependencies when one of the tasks in the chain is a milestone. To do this, drag and drop the milestone to a new date while holding the “Shift” key. Learn more about editing tasks on the Timeline here.
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