Automatically reschedule successor tasks, based off a predecessors completion date

We have a pretty complex and drawn out project blueprint for our construction companies that maps out every task that needs to be completed before we can start building; due to the industry it is constantly changing, day in and day out.
Some tasks can be brought forward or completed early, and they can also be pushed back a few days/weeks months.
For example, if a task's due date is set for today, it may need to be pushed back a few days due to a delay with an authority or subcontractor.
We reschedule that task's due date respectively which in turn reschedules the rest of the successor tasks in the pipeline.
What we're after is to have someway of Wrike automatically rescheduling any and all of the successor tasks based off whatever the COMPLETED date was for the predecessor task.
This way when a task is overdue (and we forget to reschedule or intentionally choose not to reschedule) the next tasks are updated automatically based off whenever we mark that overdue task as completed.
In doing this, the rolled up date of the project is always getting updated (automatically) and the assignee of that next task can rely on the start and finish dates of tasks in Wrike more.
I.E.: Say you have your original forecasted completion date, then the updated or re-scheduled completion date and then you have the actual completion date which retrospectively adjusts the rest of the pipeline/tasks based off whatever the completed date of the predecessor was.
Hope this makes sense?
It would be an absolute game changer for our companies if we can get this function implemented.

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Hello Matt G Southwell, welcome to the Community 👋🏻
Thank you for sharing your use case here, it does make sense. I've passed on your feedback to our Product team. Here is a useful article explaining what happens after we receive Product feedback 🖊
If I may, I'd also suggest you encourage your team members to upvote your idea by clicking on the heart icon. The number of votes an idea receives help our team to assess the popularity of the suggestion amongst our users.

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