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Our enterprise has really leaned into automations for things like keeping our folder structures clear of completed work or alerting program managers when new requests are received and we love it! But having many automations across an enterprise that collaborates on projects across spaces had us concerned about transparency among teams whose work was affected by the automations.

To solve for this we did two things:

  1. Standard naming convention for all automations: Each automation title begins with a number and includes the Space the automation was designed by and for. Ex: "[0001] RIS Marketing Project Completion and Sorting"
  2. Every automation includes the action of adding a comment to the project/task that states which automation(s) ran on that asset. Ex: "This project was moved to the RIS Marketing Completed Work folder! BeEpbOoP [0001]"

These two simple things have really helped us refine our automations to ensure they're working exactly the way we expect and it's helped provide clarity to our users if something moves/updates/notifies them.

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Hi Ariana Schleisman, welcome to the Community! 🙌 Happy to see you here!

These are great tips, thanks so much for sharing! I'm really pleased to see how Wrike's Automation helped your team. I'm going to feature your post on the main Community page so that other members can see your post easily. 

I'd also recommend checking out this thread where the members share some of their favorite automation rules 👍

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Ariana, may seem like a silly question, but how is the number generated? Big fan of using automatons to keep folder structures clean. 

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