Change the duration of a task based on a custom field and recalc the end (due) date

We have a Blueprint that our projects are created from that consists of 12 tasks.  The start date is set when the project is created. The tasks are linked with dependencies so that end dates are calculated based on the duration (start date + duration = end date).  

Ask: our durations for the tasks are based on project size (S,M,L). Is there a way to change the durations (add or subtract # of days) based on the Size custom field?

For example: our Blueprint as the medium durations as the baseline.  Task 001 takes 10 days for a medium project, however if the project is small I want to reduce the duration by 3 days or if the project is large I want to increase the duration by 5 day. Once all durations are updated I want the end (Due) date to be recalculated.

After reading many posts I am not so confident this will work.

Any suggestions would be great..Thanks

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KIM RASZINSKI, thanks for your input! I'm afraid that it's not possible to link the custom field and the task duration the way you envision. Have you considered creating several Blueprints for each project size and launching the conditional blueprint? This way you'll be able to designate that a specific template should be used if a particular dropdown is selected. Here is the screenshot to illustrate what I mean:

Will the suggestion suggested above work for you?

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