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Hello everyone,

I'm new to Wrike and still going through my trial period where I think the product is GREAT but I've run into a small item that I'm hoping the community can help with.  

Our team is rather small utilizing between 4-6 people on the team.   Many times team members have to stop working on one task and pick up another which causes tasks to miss their timeline.   So while I wish this wasn't always the case, the truth is that it happens and just part of life.

So let me layout an example;  Lets say I have a number of assigned tasks along with sub-tasks assigned to a single user with varies deliverable over the course of a month.   Now lets say I need to have that person stop all those tasks and jump onto another task which takes a higher priority.   

So I create the new task and sub-task, set the deliverable date and assign the tasks  to a user. 

How do I update ALL other tasks assigned to t hat single user to push their deliverable out based on the overlapping new task which takes priority over what they are working on now.   I don't want to start their other projects over which is what Dependency's do.

Explanation:  Task is started on Dec 1st and due on Dec 30th (29 days)

On Dec 15th a new task is created which takes priority which will take 5 days. to complete and is due on Dec 21st.   Which means the Task which started on the 1st now pushes from Dec 30th to Jan 5th.

Is this possible?

Thank you


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Hi Michael, apologies for the delay getting back here.

I can see you spoke to our Support Team just after posting here and they provided a solution.

I'm going to share this briefly below with anyone looking to do the same thing 🙂

Example scenario: A person is working on a list of tasks as part of a Project. A new ad-hoc task is assigned to this person and needs to be worked on immediately and will take 5 days. The person would like to push out all their existing planned tasks by 5 days so they can work on this new task.

This can be done by using mass editing.

  1. Select the Folder/Project where tasks were created and change the List View.
  2. On the right side panel, you will have the option to reschedule the tasks to a new date in the future.
  3. This will push both the start and end dates of all the tasks you've selected to this new date, all at once by selecting multiple tasks. 

See the example below.

If you've any questions, simply ask by posting below 🙂

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