We are creating a lot of templates for highly routine work, and in each of those templates there may be three or four people assigned – for example when we roll out a programme at a new property. Is it possible to assign people to tasks in a template but not have it go live / not have it kick off into their work streams until we duplicate the template and actually start the project? Otherwise they will also have This would save us having to reassign tasks every time we start?

It's helpful to have dates assigned in our dormant templates, and then (if they are dependent) we can just change the start date, it all cascades through. However if we have a dormant template with dates assigned, and we assign people’s names, it is going to show up in their work stream / in their analytics as overdue. So it would seem that to avoid this we either have to avoid assigning people, or we have to avoid having dates – both of which mean we have more work each time we want to duplicate a template?

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HI Mike,

Assign and set up all tasks in your project template with correct dates and dependencies. Then select all tasks and set status to "deferred". That way they dont show up on anyones agenda. 

Then when its time to start, copy the template and tick the box to allign taskt as per start or finish date whatever you prefer.

Good Luck:)


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You can also create a new project from the template. As noted above, first create your template, add dependencies and dates, and set everything to deferred status. Create your request form using "Create new project from template". You can use the start or end date in the request form to update the task dates. For example, we have a template for "New Hire Onboarding". When someone submits this request, it asks for today's date. That's used to kick off the start date for the project. Once the form is submitted, all tasks from the template are copied into a specified folder and are in active (as opposed to deferred) status so they show up in people's work stream. 

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Setting it to deferred is the only option right now. There is a request for a template mode for projects, be sure to go give it a vote so that the product team knows it is a requested item. 

As a workaround, since we use a lot of different custom workflows, I created a workflow stage in the deferred group of "Template" this way I can have a clear distinction between tasks that are truly "On Hold" and those that are "Template."

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