Release Notes-April 12

Video Release Notes

Feature Updates

  • Board View Enhancements
    • Folder Info Panel. Folder and Project info panels are now easy to reach from the Board View - just click the icon in the view's upper right-hand corner.
    • Task importance. Change a task's importance from the Board View as well. Right click on a task, hover over importance and select the appropriate importance level. Just a reminder: in Wrike (and life) importance and priority mean different things. 
  • Tasks in Salesforce Templates
    • You can now have up to 250 tasks in Wrike Salesforce templates.
  • Project Wizard
    • The Project Wizard is a feature from Wrike Labs. The wizard is getting smarter - before the "List View" was always preselected as the default view option. Now, for Subfolders and Subprojects, the wizard preselects the same default view that's applied to the parent Folder or Project. If you're creating a top-level Folder, then the wizard preselects the same default view option as the last Folder/Project you created. 


  • Avatars in Internet Explorer and Edge 
    • If you use Internet Explorer or Edge you may have noticed that some profile pictures were replaced with an "x" instead of the images you're used to seeing. We fixed the disappearing act and now you can see your (and your teammates) avatars again.
  • Thumbnails in the Daily Digest
    • Image thumbnails from task descriptions weren't loading correctly in the Daily Digest. It's all taken care of now, and you can see your thumbnails again. 

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