Release Notes-February 1

Feature Updates

  • Request Form Upgrades 
    • Admins can now duplicate Request Forms, so you don't always have to start from scratch.
    • Some Form settings moved to the right-hand side of the page.
    • For externally available Requests, admins no longer see the "Contact Information" block on the form builder, but users filling out the form via the link are still asked to enter their contact info.
  • Increased User Groups
    • In a victory for anyone who uses User Groups: we increased the number of User Groups accounts can have. Now everyone can have at least 21 User Groups (including the My Team group).
  • Edit Billing Info 
    • Before: It wasn't possible to edit billing info; you could only delete the old card and add a new one. Now: You can edit billing details (like credit card info and billing address).
  • iOS App Push Notifications
    • You're in control - at least of your notifications. Now you can: disable or enable all notifications. Or enable only Inbox notifications but disable Stream related updates (like description field updates, changed status, etc). Feel the power. 


  • Parent Folder Grouping in Reports
    • This one came back, but should be fixed for good now. Situation: You have a Task, Folder or Project that "lives" in multiple  parent Folders/Projects. You create a Report that includes data from one of the parent Folders/Projects and group by "Parent Folder". Before: The Task or Project showed up under all of their parent Folders. Now: The Task/Project shows up only under the parent Folder that the Report is based on.
  • Dashboards Limit and Wrike for Marketers 
    • Before: Users on Wrike for Marketers (Business or Enterprise) could only create up to 10 Dashboards. Now: Wrike for Marketers (WfM) users can have up to 15 Dashboards, WfM Enterprise users - up to 20 Dashboards.
  • Reports Scheduling
    • If you subscribed to a Report and wanted to have the Report sent on the half hour, the time reverted back to the hour when you tried to save. Fixed.
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