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This is a request to LOCK discussion thread in a task.

Even 'Completed', tasks sometime keep going: people continue write there being notified post by post.

Would be very helpful to have LOCK button, in order to keep all informed that current task is over. Kind of 'read only' option: post field turns grey and doesn't allow to type in.

LOCK button shall be available to Owners of the project. Or to those who has administration rights. 

Many thanks!

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Hi Vitaly, good suggestion. John posted a similar post about locking comments for the same reason - this may be of interest to you so I'd suggest voting for this one too.
I assume you're looking to lock the entire task once completed, so I'll leave this post here as it's not an exact duplicate. This is something that's not on our Product Team's short-term roadmap but posting here makes them aware of it, while also allowing other members to vote and discuss. Thanks for sharing!
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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Auto-lock upon task completion could be a solution!

Maybe easier to code... And btw, even for unexpected additional comment required later, I can mark task as Active for a moment, add comment, and mark in Done back, so it will be locked again :)

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