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I would like to attach some dokument to my created request. It would help me because we use a request for our users to send us error and adjustments. Some of the errors are often and when the user choose some topic he can see the document witch can help him. I hope you can understand my issue :)

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Hi Maurice, this is a good idea. I think you are using dynamic Request forms and this is how you would like it to work: once an issue is determined by a series of questions, you then want to automatically provide an attachment with information that may help the person. (Let me know if I have got anything wrong here :))
Unfortunately, this isn't possible at the moment. It's a great idea, and I can see it's application thank you for sharing so others can vote and discuss. You might be also interested in adding your votes and comments to this post about Forms: Section text and image which is a very similar request.
If your team uses Google Drive or something similarthere's a potential workaround you could use:
  1. Store your attachments online (somewhere where you can generate a link to the document).
  2. Create a dropdown question on the Request form (for people to pick the issue/adjustment they're referring to).
  3. Have each dropdown answer trigger different follow-up questions
  4. Have the follow-up question be a checkbox type question. Ask the the requester if they've read "x" document (include a link to the document). Make this a required question, so they have to check the box to move on and submit the form.  
Any questions, I'm here to help 🙂
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