Unito Git Sync to "Custom" folder in Wrike

We are looking to setup a two-way sync with one of our Git repositories but would like the Git artifacts delivered to a folder we specify within Wrike.  So far, we haven't been able to identify a means for overriding the folder that Unito wants to use within Wrike.  

Is there a way to specify the delivery folder in Wrike for the sync?  If so, can anyone help us configure this option?  We have tried the help documentation from both Wrike and Unito but haven't been able to find an answer to what we are looking to do.

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Hi Dan, thank you for the question! That is true, the only option is to create a new synced Folder in Wrike. However, after it's created you are free to move (or Tag) it to a new location - the sync will not be affected. That way you can iclude the tasks coming from GitHub into the desired location, and the original Folder would allow you to control exactly what gets synced and what doesn't. Will that work for you?

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