[Status: Launched! ๐Ÿš€] Lock time sheets on an interval (monthly or weekly, or manually)

We service a range of clients on an hourly basis and have multiple projects running at any given time for each.

We bill our clients at the start of each month based on hours incurred for the prior month, and need to be able to lock everyone's time sheets at the end of each month so we can record that time in our accounting software and bill that work out without having unexpected time get dumped into the project after month end and accounting close each month.

All timesheets must be submitted/approved at the end of each month and any time that needs to be added after month end needs to be added to the next month's time sheets to keep accounting and reporting straight for billing and for payment of hours employees and contractors. Time sheets are also how we track employees' billable vs. non-billable time and time off vs. time worked, and all of that activity centers around projects and tasks we have set up in Wrike.

At the end of a project our time log records need to match the time billed, and if people are going back in and adding time after end of month close, when accounting has already done the export, we end up with discrepancies. We also end up with issues in reporting on employee utilization and all the rest.

We very much want to be able to use Wrike to track time, but without the ability to lock timesheets from a certain date and prior, we can't use it.

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Hey Christian Hoffmann, thank you for the feedback here! It's been passed on to the Product team.

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